API Casting Solutions: Your trusted source

API Casting Solutions was formed in 2011 to provide a trusted sourcing solution for United States buyers of fabricated, cast, and machined metal products. API Casting Solutions eliminates the hassle so often associated with obtaining high quality castings. We make the process as simple as purchasing any other type of material. Our goal is to provide the highest quality castings at competitive pricing while simplifying the entire process from quote to delivery.

We can provide raw castings and/or finished machined parts, and we can fabricate complete assemblies from customer drawings or sample pieces. We deliver parts quickly directly from our foundry, or in some cases provide managed inventory services from our warehouses located in the southeastern USA.

Once we have your order in hand and receive first article approval, we provide tooling with no up-front costs. First articles are produced quickly and include metallurgical and or mechanical test reports as required. All API Casting Solutions products are made in ISO Certified facilities and undergo numerous in-process inspections.

API services industries such as:

  • Rail
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipbuilding
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
API's mission is to provide the highest quality, defect-free products at the best price. API Casting Solutions proudly maintains ironclad relationships with partners around the globe. The breadth of API's product offerings is evident by a review of the photo gallery of products.

API Casting Solutions also has a complete vertically integrated fabrication and warehousing operation in the United States which provides machining, CNC, and other finishing services, stock inventory and a complete array of fulfillment services.

By virtue of API's intense involvement in integrating our global supply chain in relation to our partners, the company offers virtually immediate real time production capabilities.

API Casting Solutions invites you to tour the website and assess our capabilities, and to contact us for further information.